Blooming Gardens of Bright Dreams

If you would like to visit my virtual studio, the best way to do it is to look over this album. It is like taking a walking excursion through my not serious world. I placed my drawings from the very first to the recent ones. Frankly speaking, not really the very recent ones, as this beautiful book was published in 2008. The copies already scattered round the world and this year the Publishing House “Nieko rimto” gives the chance to leaf this book virtually for all curious ones. You should only press:

This book was created to everyone who like drawing or painting. And it doesn’t matter how old is the person and whether he/she “can” or “can’t” paint. The most important thing is if he/she wants to CREATE. This feeling maybe is the essential one… That is why I draw wings to those who naturally don’t have them. As the wings flattering in the wind of creativity are necessary… For everyone.