Sigutė Ach – is my signature under my pictures, frescoes, texts, illustrations from 1998.

During that year I frequently gasped as if by chance “Ach…”.

This small word jumped into my speech much more often than usual and my friends started to nickname me: “ How are you, Sigutė… Ach?” It was funny, so I began to sign this way, without even knowing it that I had made a vital step - in 2001 my friend Arvydas Vereckis established the Publishing House and I named it “Nieko rimto” ( “Nothing Serious”),( Is it really serious to draw and to publish winged little cows and daydreaming hares?) which made my name famous all over Lithuania and even abroad.

Who is this Sigutė Ach? Sometimes I ask that question myself, because very often in different events when telling about my elevated world I become as if the carrier of the idea of purity and absence of platitude. A kind of guide into childhood, so that everyone might find energy in himself or herself to reopen, to shake the routine off and become joyful – the way only children can do.

Now I often think that Sigutė Ach is a state of mind, the inspiration to enjoy life without dividing it into everyday days and holidays, mornings and evenings. This is trust in Love and Wisdom within every heart that changes, helps to grow and brightens the person and his/her world.