The Fresco in Pilaitė

This fresco settled under the very new shelter. I was trying to give the feeling of coziness and stability like in the old orchard. So, that when sitting at the table, which will be in the foreground, you could feel the family gathered in the soignée orchard of their relationship, where everyone can find the space to discover oneself and to share.

The Fresco in Riešė

This fresco is painted for the little girl and is above her bed. It was the real challenge to paint it. While painting I was trying to see her environment with the eyes of a child: where she goes, after waking up; what is the most important for her? So there is her lovely pet in the fresco and her playing house in the yard. Lots of big and small steps and the composition of extension forward is the mild encouragement to go into the world full of possibilities and opportunities; there no challenges without the way out, and what we find in the morning light is the new fairytale of our life which we create together with those who are nearby.